Objectives and Work Packages

  • Develop the scientific and pedagogic competency of junior faculty
  • Develop a state-of-the-art curriculum on climate change management
  • Improve employability
  • Foster innovative climate change solutions through entrepreneurship.
  • Improve the creation of locally adapted solutions via training on indigenous knowledge

WP 1: Project management and coordination

The aim of the project management and coordination package is to ensure a smooth and efficient functioning of the project and to ensure that the reporting obligations towards the European Union are met.

WP 2: Measures to improve the research and teaching capacity of faculty

The objective of this WP is to improve the capacity of the faculty in terms of science and teaching. There is a special focus on methodological skills and indigenous knowledge. North South Mentorship will furthermore allow higher visibility of Ghanaian junior faculty and improve opportunities for funding.

WP 3:  Measures to develop a state-of-the-art curriculum

Our aim is to fill in strategic gaps in the present teaching of Ghanaian Universities. This will be done by a combination of MOOC type internet courses and short-term intensive courses. In addition, we will mainstream indigenous knowledge into university teaching.

WP 4: Education to make impact

The aim of this work package is to increase the employability and successful entrepreneurship of students and recent graduates of the programme through mentoring of startups, and enhanced internships.

WP 5: Communication, Dissemination and Visibility

The objectives of this WP are to Disseminate key project results to strategic stakeholders and Inform the general public about the project